Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taking a Break

January 10, 2008

I won't be posting on this blog (or any of my others) for a few days. At some point next week, possibly Wednesday, I'll be back in Hoboken sorting out the laundry of my new life, and doing so in the public of the blog.

At 6 A.M. tomorrow if all goes as planned, I'll be boarding a plane at the Newark airport, going to the place where I grew up to say goodbye one last time. My mother, who had been in a nursing home for over two years, died a week ago and the family will be gathering to deal with facing the reality that she is not here for us any more.

My mother was an unusual person in spite of herself, a charming sweetie-pie with a steely stubbornness that few people ever saw. We thought she was dying in November of 2006 and I wrote this post on my first blog. Read it if you're interested, and while over there, browse around through some of my stuff on other topics.

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