Monday, May 27, 2013

A Hoboken Connection

My novel begins in Hoboken in the early 20th Century. The place fascinated me all the time I lived in Hoboken and I simply had to include it. That Was Tomorrow is the story of a young schoolteacher who moves to a remote utopian enclave, but her story begins in the Castle Point section of Hoboken, where she was born into the Upper Crust. There are scenes in which she walks through the city, works in a settlement house, and talks things over with her parents as she plans her life.

"The book didn't really come to life until the Hoboken scenes," my daughter said after reading the proofs. If she's right it's because I had strong positive feelings about Hoboken in those days even though I only learned about them from the Hoboken Museum.

My heroine needs to break from her protective, overbearing parents, and the trappings of wealth. It's fortunate for her that her grandfather, who ran a retail shop in old Hoboken, left her enough in a trust fund that she could pursue her dream of changing the world and being a "New Woman" of 1921. To learn more about the book, it's now available at amazon and also at my website Finding Fairhope.

Check out the reviews on amazon--and if you've read it, please contribute one of your own. It's a Hoboken book as well as a "Fairhope" book. Mostly it's a historical fantasy based on time and place.