Thursday, January 17, 2008

Night Stranger and the Silent Lurkers

January 17, 2008

Before I moved to Hoboken I used to frequent blogs -- linked below -- dealing with life in this little city. I took on the handle "Night Stranger" as a reference to the Sinatra song of the 1970's, allying myself with Hobokenites who admire the Chairman of the Board while at the same time lurking on the fringes of his universe. I would comment at the blogs and sometimes email the authors in hopes of paving my way into my own new phase of life.

When I decided to start my own Hoboken blog I changed my screen name, not knowing that this would appear on my other blogs, where it isn't relevant and I might say doesn't make any sense. I can't figure out how to have one screen name and profile on one blog and others on my others. Maybe someday I shall learn.

Last Christmas I was visiting my daughter and grandsons and the 13-year-old heard me humming "Strangers in the Night."

"What's that song about?" he asked. "A serial killer?"

"No," said I. "That would be 'Stranglers in the Night.'"

From then on I sang it as "Stranglers in the Night." Andy, the ten-year-old, said, "What's that weird song?" as I absently tossed out the phrase to an unmelodious almost-tune.

"Oh. It's really supposed to be "Strangers in the Night," said I, singing a bit more of it.

"I like it the other way better," Andy said.

This blog has more than a few regular visitors, strangers themselves, usually not commenting. They are known as lofters in cyberspeak, or "lurkers" in my own lexicon. They used to frequent Finding Fair Hope and one by one they are finding their way here. I wonder what makes some people read blogs -- I have found that I may have a reader from a certain locale come to my blog(s) for months at at time and then just give up the ghost. (I do get boring after a while.)

If you'd like to see evidence of the lurking readership, a very nice comment was posted on yesterday's Finding Myself. I hope that reader will come back and find him- or herself and become a regular reader and frequent commenter. But you never can tell. I may have picked up a night stranger myself.


Elmer Gantry said...

re: "I wonder what makes some people read blogs"

You happen to be a good writer.

Mary Lois said...

Maybe that's it! Thanks for the pat on the back -- I hope you'll keep reading and commenting. I also hope we can smoke out a few of those lurking lofters. But never mind, I write whether or not anybody reads it.