Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What? You've Never Been to my Website ONCE?

For the information of some browsers who found this blog and think it's a website, it isn't. A blog is a journal of sorts, a place to sound off, blow off, piss off and generally exercise your writing muscles, if you have them. It may be a place you can convince yourself that your verbal output is actually the same as writing. I use it to display my breadth of knowledge about practically everything, while demonstrating a depth of wisdom at the other end of the scale.

I don't know why I write a blog. This blog doesn't have any mission statement in particular. It is about finding myself, whatever that happens to mean, and it is about Hoboken too. When I moved here in December of 2007 I knew almost nothing about Hoboken, but the more I wrote, the more I learned, and I picked up a smattering of followers in the process who helped me along by writing comments about what Hoboken really is, was, and maybe even could be. So far I love the Hoboken part; the finding I could do anywhere. But it would be different.

Many of you who click on "View my complete profile" are probably interested in the fact that I have two other blogs going, and a website. The blog "Finding Fair Hope" was a little play on words as I found myself in my old hometown of Fairhope, Alabama, and I still post over there occasionally. I started blogging with that one. I cut my teeth over there, thinking it would be a good way to plug a book I'd written, Meet Me at The Butterfly Tree, but I posted about everything from the meaning of life to the activities of the local political committees. I still keep up with Fairhope, and occasional post over there when there is something I want to say.

And I have a blog called "Finding Fair Food," which has nothing to do with fair food, although many visitors found that one when they Googled "fair food." It's a food blog, describing how I cook--I love to cook--and even providing the occasional recipe. It's beginning to pall on me, and I seldom post there, but I do check out the traffic every day.

Traffic is why I'm writing this post. There is very little traffic on my web site, which you can find here. On it you'll find pictures of me in various incarnations, a little biographical information, and shameless plugs for my two books. It's a good read, if I do say so myself (and if I weren't a bit of an egomaniac I would write neither blogs, websites, nor books). If you haven't visited the web site, do it now, and think about buying one of those wonderful books.

If you want to skip the web site and go directly to buy the book, go here instead. You'll notice the name of the author is slightly different from the one on all my blogs--my maiden name makes a good pen name, don't you think?

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