Friday, June 5, 2009

My Work Is Being Noticed

Sometimes it's frustrating to write a blog. You never know if your work is being noticed. The comments are thin on the ground, yet The Site Meter tells you that a few loyal readers return time and again. You go to their blogs too to see what's happening in their world.

This morning it was raining and just about the time I decided not to trudge to the gym, I decided to troll a few blogs, and I found a hilarious tribute to my diet on this one.

At least he doesn't show any cleavage.


Hoboken Kid said...

Your die-it...good show...knocking off them unwanted pounds...a must thing for all of us. Having a double dry martini with your dinner with close friends is my choice...3 olives on the side helps cut down on the urge to have that dessert that we don't need. It will also cut down on eating more and wanting to dance instead burns off them calories.

Someone noticed your cleavage...I did too. That's the first thing I noticed...but was not going to tell you about. I'M WAITING TO SEE THE CENTERFOLD...I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Steve said...

That fellow may have had some "plumber's cleavage" which, thankfully, could not be seen!