Monday, March 23, 2009

The Street Where I Live

After fussing with a couple of brief videos I made on the streets of Hoboken two weeks ago, I tried to compress three or four of them into a five-minute video for the blog. Lo and behold, the video is too big to post! So I've broken them back apart, and this, the first, will be part of a series--a series of short shots of my neighborhood. Hope this will work--there's more to come.


Steve said...

Mary Lois--
I sure wouldn't want to live there and own a car. I never learned to parallel park. How do people squeeze those cars in like that along the curb? :-)

Mary Lois said...

Not easy. Parking is one of the biggest problems in Hoboken, and not just because it's difficult to parallel park! Try finding a place anywhere near where you want to go.

It's why I sold my car before I got here and take public transportation or just walk. Very healthful too.

Steve said...

I'd have to do the same as you. I just hope I could figure out how to use public transportation to get to where I wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

I loved to see/hear you talking about how things are in Hoboken - wonderful to see how you live "inside" and "outside" - the outside looks to me just the way I imagine a street in, or rather close to New York - it's like in the movies, if you see what I mean - just expect Audrey Hepburn or similar to turn up, haha!
And your home looks very cosy - it's quite something to "visit" you that way..

Anonymous said...

STEPPING OUT IN places only just a walk away. A fine restaraunt you want, or that quiet cosy pub for a night cap, a noisy bar you want, Hoboken's got that too...shops of all kinds...parks with a grand view of Manhattan...street fairs, Italian feasts always a joy to see...or ya just wanna be lazy and sit on the stoop and watch the people and cars go by...there is always something to do and see. A museum you want, a short walk will get you there. New York plays or Times Square? Just a short bus ride away.

So to your readers, Hoboken is the place to be. I should know. I was born and raised there. Stay well. Stay tuned folks, Mary Lois has more videos to come. I just wish they were longer.

Mary Lois said...

I wish they were longer too! I tried editing and pasting three together, but couldn't post them to the blog because it made the file too big.

We'll get the bugs out of this Internet thing someday. (Stay tuned.)