Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here's My Home


Nan said...

Oh, gosh I loved it! You have such an impish look in your eyes. The book with the woman's photo on the it - is that Millay?? She looks familiar, and I'm even quite sure it is a biog. I have wanted to read. And now, honey, go bake a cake! Put it on your lovely cake rack and have fun! You could have some for all the meals of a day. One of the great things about getting older, is that you can eat whatever and whenever. I love the tv. Is it an hd tv? Mine is hugely deep and I'd love a little sleek model like yours.

Mary Lois said...

It's a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay, all right, Savage Beauty, by Nancy Milford. A fascinating genius, but not a very nice person.

It's an hdtv, very cheap (for a tv anyway) at Walmart, get one while you can.

No point in baking cakes when you live alone--you'll just eat the whole thing and regret it! I've got other things to do these days.

Hoboken Kid said...

Nice cozy grass to cut ...and filled with all ya good stuff ...that's all ya car to try to park...not needed...things to do only a short walk away...summer is coming and new things to discover in Hoboken...if it were me, I would get involved with the Hoboken Museum...that I would find fun to do.

Steve said...


Anonymous said...

Stuff is stuff. I got mine and you have yours, not the same type stuff either. What would ML do with a sidecar bike, anyway. I noted Upton Sinclair book which may have had material for your last book? I also note the sectional that appears to be quite comfy. The best part of this new release is the lighting .. 100% better and the ferret is near caught, too. It just makes me want to reach out and grab you, ya know.
Next time show me your character from a broadway show?