Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Driving Without a Car

October 14, 2008

As I prepared to move to Hoboken, I had yard sales, house sales, garage sales, and I even sold my car. I had way too much stuff to fit in a city apartment, and in this part of the country, most people--me anyway--regard a car as a liability. I am not the world's best driver, and the way people drive in New Jersey I'd be an accident looking for a place to happen.

I have a friend who grew up in New Jersey and is well versed in the ways of driving here. His blog post on the subject has convinced me that I made the right decision to unload the little Saturn for the current phase of my trip through life. It had enough dings and dents in its short journey with me behind the wheel.


jacques mullet said...

The S car lives! For us it's a thrill though it has not always been so. There was a transmission issue that I resolved after much concern and fear of disaster. It is described as a "shift flare", which I now know to be common the the A23 unit. A fluid change was due which corrected that. Mileage, however, went way down to 22 mpg or less during the time of highest gas prices. S car was losing favor by the trip. But, eureka!, I found a web site describing it's symptoms; bad outer wheel bearing.
$140.00 and 30 minutes of my mechanical ability resolved that.
Now she (ML nickname) hums at 32 mpg and 80 mph w/o a glitch. I do
hate the modern electronics tough, especially the auto-locking doors;
if you lose the ONE key, you're screwed. Lotso life in the old girl yet and waxy pretty too, dings or no.

Mary Lois said...

I believe jacques is the man who bought my car! (S car=Saturn, right?) I'm sure he knows I knew of no internal probs like shift flares, and certainly would have racked up a higher bill in repairs by now. It was a nice car, but my favorite was its antecedent, the little three-door blackberry-colored gem.

Now, shanks mare is my mode of transportation as I live in a walkable locality. Love public transit!

P.S. jacques aka jon: Don't lose that key!