Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(Almost) Ready for Relaunch

September 9, 2008
Everything is almost ready at this end. The painters should be at the other end, slapping a little color on the walls as directed by me.

In short, I'm moving Friday. Movers have been engaged, City Hall has been notified to clear parking spaces, telephone, electricity, and cable tv are poised to transfer service at the given moment. I even ordered furniture that will be delivered amidst the turmoil of the move. Curtain up!

Speaking of the theatre, which I admit we weren't, to add to the hysteria, this evening I shall audition for a local production of a heretofore unproduced play that takes place in the Hoboken of the 1960s. I'm brushing up my New Jersey accent. I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, of course, I'm obsessed with packing. After having gotten rid of most of my furniture and the little vases, pictures, decorations, and memorabilia that cluttered my life as most others before I relocated to Hoboken December 1 2007, I'm getting rid of much of the rest of it. It is anything but easy, and there is nobody else who can do it for me.

Still I am trolling the streets for abandoned cartons. Today I shall purchase five or six more, and continue putting books, dishes, pots and pans into them, trying to organize and label so I can find when unpacking starts in a few days some seven blocks away.

The new apartment is a one-bedroom condo I'll be renting for anywhere from two to ten years, depending on how things go. It is smaller than here, but with more amenities. It is not so convenient to the PATH trains, but in a good neighborhood on a pretty street. It is a fourth floor walkup, while this one is only three. Why would I do that? Well, This apartment is really more steps--a 12-step steep stoop, while each of the flights is 17 steps. In the new place the stoop is only about six steps and the flights upstairs are broken by landings. I haven't counted the steps, but I can tell you this, the halls are pretty and the building is better managed. There is a working intercom system (none here) and fresh carpeting on the stairs (none here). I'll miss my view of the sun setting over Jersey City, but other compensations, like having a dishwasher and a washer-dryer in the basement (none here) will more than make up for it.

And it's like starting over. Most of my makeshift old furniture won't fit, so I'll buy some newer, nicer furniture that does. I'll design to my own taste. I love doing that. I'll have to adjust to the new kitchen, which is as tiny as any I've ever cooked in, but tiny isn't necessarily bad. Size matters, but bigger isn't necessarily better. I'm looking forward to building a compact little life in a place that has a happy, young vibe. Wish me luck. And come up and see me some time!


Nan said...

I do wish you luck! But you won't need it. I love your new venture, and I hope you will post pictures of the new interior. It sounds lovely and those stairs will keep you young. I am really happy for you. And I hope you get to play the part!!

barbary kid / charles said...

I to wish you luck in your new building. The house looks like one of them on Garden, Bloomfield or Clinton St. By the way are you related to Mae West?

Mary Lois said...

Not related, but she allows me to quote her!