Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Re-Entry, March 2010

I arrived at 4 P.M. two days ago. The weather, which seems to be all I talk about these days, cooperated so I was able to get on a plane between storms and arrive to tolerable temperatures and snow just in a few piles alongside the streets and sidewalks. I slept like a baby Monday night and spent yesterday reacquainting myself with Hoboken life.

I made my way to the main post office to get the mail they'd held. There was a long line--no surprise, there always is at that PO--and it was slow, but I was able to gather and sort my mail and still have time to buy groceries before lunch. I went to the gourmet grocery on Washington Street, which was redolent of the kind of food I'd missed in Alabama--spicy, fruity, intriguing. There was a warm atmosphere and I browsed the shelves for interesting treats like baked salmon spread and pear yogurt with grains, from Canada. This is a good place for fresh fish, so I bought a filet of lemon sole for lunch and some greens for a salad.

At home I went through the mail, put aside the catalogs and sorted what I would need to take to my tax accountant next week. I played around with Facebook a little and caught up on some blogs. I tried to remember the right numbers for my favorite tv channels and resorted in some cases to the Guide on channel 100. Now I've got it all straight, but I missed Roger Ebert on Oprah because I'd gotten the impression that the channel she was on had been pulled by the cable provider in a dispute similar to the one in January with the Food and Home and Garden channels (which left us without those networks for about four weeks). I was mistaken about that this time.

Cold and rainy today, but I did get to the gym. It was nice to see it was almost empty--it is huge and has a magnificent view of the NYC skyline. I did my full workout. Have a dentist date tomorrow, the accountant next week, and mid-month will have lunch with old friends and a visit from out of town. At some point I'll be dodging the revelers of St. Patrick's Day, but I'm in shape for that, having dodged similar ones in the Mardi Gras celebrations of Lower Alabama last month.

Back on Netflix, and expect to receive two in the mail today. I ordered about seven more so I'll see a lot of movies. Thought I'd take in a matinee on Broadway today, but won't make it. I may go Saturday. I want to see Christopher Walken at a preview of the play with the unfathomable title A Behanding in Spokane.

I'm back in the swing of Hoboken, my spirits are high, and wondering what is just around the corner in my life. If it's more of the same, that'll be fine with me.


Peg Baker said...

Am enjoying your musings on returning home. Sounds like you're settling in. Peg

Abdominal Snowman said...

Welcome home.

Alex said...

Welcome back!

Steve said...

Welcome home M.L. Hopefully, the weather you left behind will catch up to us soon. Snowing right now in Salem, melting as soon as it hits the ground. I can see the little green tips of the bulbs planted last fall, spring is on its way.

Mary Lois said...

Oh that sounds so nice Steve! I love the seasons.

I only wish the abdominal snowman would make himself known to me.

abdominal snowman said...

Aye, like the rose many other names are as thorny.
Frosh face doth hide what fresh heart doth know.
It's a sure thing to know
that I am not
where there's snow.
I feel that I am close, and know that I am far;
enough clues so there you are.
From the words you can tell
this old guy knows you well.
Now do you know?

Mary Lois said...

Frosh face? If I read you right you lied to my own frosh face. Next time I see you I'll frosh in your face.

abdominal snowman said...

Lied? Oh,no, but feinting as one dodges a snowball, yes. Who'd just
stand there and get biffed and cold at the same time while enjoying such wintry sport?
Oh, boy, something to crow about
in anticipation, within a year
a froshing thrill by ML. Meanwhile,the snow melts, icy fishing is done, and your mystery is solved. Silly, huh.

Mary Lois said...

Yeah, that one solved. Come clean, are you also Bill Carl?

Mary Lois said...

No, wait, snowman. There was another in the South whom I questioned point-blank about whether he appeared here as AS, and he said no. Wasn't a lie, but you were feinting (or fainting) in the background all the while. Damn, the comment section on a blog can weave a tangled web!

abdominal snowman said...

No I do not remember 'point blank, rather an 'interesting' comment about the handle. It is supposed to be fun or at least a thrill at times, right? In person the thrill is better, and faint ya know,in being disguised in the snow. At last, "Women Beware Women" may be my next show, for sure and exact
now you know. All said and all done, the mystery has been fun..for me at least.

Mary Lois said...

Gotcha, Snowman. The other posts didn't sound like you, but you outed yourself with Women Beware Women. Not many people refer to that one. said...

love the melting abdominal snowman....gone forever. But ya just never know who may pop up next.