Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding Fair Hoboken

I expected it to be much colder when I got off the airplane. Had gotten used to the temps in the high 60's and low 70's in Fairhope, but ten degrees colder was not too painful. I tried to use the two flights and the time in the airports to regroup and get my mind in gear to trade Fairhope for fair Hoboken, but shaking off the culture shock and mentally processing the transfer was not automatic.

Cristina picked me up at the Newark airport and I chattered like a magpie about my feelings about Fairhope and my experiences there, but my ears were a bit plugged from the pressure on the planes and I hardly knew what I was saying.

When I got home all I could think about was picking up a plate of takeout pasta from Biggie's. Standing there in the queue help me with re-entry into my new hometown; I was surrounded by people I would never see in Fairhope, and I felt welcomed and impatient to try the broccoli rabe with sausages. Biggie told me for future reference that if I call and place the order they'll have it when I get there. Pasta is cooked to order. I'll remember that. The comfort food was much appreciated--and I have enough left over for at least two more meals.

I'll get back in my regular routine of trips to the gym, errands around town, walking everywhere, and get back in the swing of life here in no time. I'm planning a snowbird visit for the month of February in Fairhope. Christmas with Alison and the boys in Kingston, NY.

Back to normal. Back to Hoboken. It may not be the topic for a dynamic blog post, but it's good to be back. Wait til we see what happens next.


Nan said...

I just love it that you can get home and have someone make you a pasta dish! That is just so wonderful to me.

Mary Lois said...

Well, that's life in Hoboken as I see it, Nan. Wish you were here.

Italian Connie said...

Hope you enjoyed the sausage & rabes. Yummy!!!!

Please give our regards to "Brother" the next time you see him.

Mary Lois said...

Brother has taken on the mantle of Biggie now and calls himself that (somewhat apologetically, saying his father was "the real Biggie.")

The food, as you know, is much the same. The sausage-rabe with pasta is still serving me well. Today's its last day.

jacques mulet said...

(just read it fast and let it flow)

I can smell that pasta from down the Ravenite
(cheap imitation I am sure). All
that yummy aromatic delicasy just makes you want to eat some more.
Remember what I said about those soft places? The more the merrier,
but you may have to pay double fare on the 757.

As the conditions are, Brother may be eased for the time. But, I think
the home place should be made into a bed and breakfast with resident grounds keeper and absentee manager. What writers, artists, or whomever could enjoy a stay ,
even together, in that lovely place? It would also be the hideaway and foothold left in LA
for ML. The possibilities are exciting to me as a piece of currently created history.
A combination of Bay shrimp, fresh fried mullet and authentic Italian pasta from the HO might be a drawing card. AH! the ML cooking blog would have a spot as well as the blogs about the personages from visits..Maybe some readers might like to visit.

..So much for dreams of sunsets seen across the Bay, eh.

Mary Lois said...

Too bad my sister owns the house, jacques. I have no say in what she does with it or it wouldn't be on the market now. I've just been trying to make the best out of a bad situation since nobody else is and somebody has to.

jacques mullet said...

They say , "It ain't over til it's over."
I'll help ya hope....what'll I call it? Fairhope is taken.

Mary Lois said...

Jacques, "Montrosehope" sounds pretty good to me. Actually it sounds ridiculous, but it fits.

jacques mullet said...

More ridiculous is new pronounciations of familiar compound words. One way it sounds as if it could be American Indian. Montrosehope, a native place?
< Maun.'tro.say.'hop.uh >..Now say
it to yourelf OUTLOUD. While you're at that , what name would the new establishment
carry? Butterfly Tree is already taken by your book, but it sounds fine to me.

Mary Lois said...

I thought of Montrope, but that doesn't convey anything. The pronunciation of Montrosehope is Montrose-Hope, just like it looks. Don't be confused by all those vowels. It's "hope" and it's Montrose.