Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Festa of the Year

The beautiful Madonna Dei Martiri is the centerpiece of Hoboken's biggest, most Italian festival every year in September. She is housed at the charming church of St. Francis, 380 Jefferson Street, and on Saturday of the four-day celebration she is covered with gold and brought out the door of the church in a tradition borrowed from an 800-year old one in Italy. Schoolgirls in white precede her, and the weighty statue
is carried through the streets by some very strong and dedicated men of the church, to be put on a barge at Pier 1 in Hoboken. The festa begins September 10 and the procession takes place on September 12.

In the meantime, music and food from Hoboken's many purveyors, not all Italian, but most--including cannoli, sausage and peppers, pizza, (and contests for eating all kinds of food), will be offered on Sinatra Drive beginning September 10.

I'm hesitant to print a schedule, mostly because I don't really understand the one in front of me (Where do these events take place? What time? Somebody please tell the Italians to make these things clear if they want the rest of us to attend!)

I have no doubt my readers will set me straight in plenty of time for the event. I went last year and it was beautiful. I have no doubt it will be again--and again.


Nan said...

I'd love to go!

Unknown said...

Whassamadda fa you??? You no know how to read??
schedule.htm It doesn't fit on one page, so go to Google & type in Hoboken Italian Festival 2009

Mary Lois said...

It takes a real b-n-r to set somebody like me straight, Carolyn, and it helps is there's a little Italian blood involved.

Anybody who wants to know more about the festa, go where she says. Or just show up at the church September 10 and follow the crowds for the next four days.

Don't forget, the procession is on Saturday the 12th.