Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Perfect Night for St. Ann

The weather couldn't have been nicer on the 22nd of July. Showers had been predicted but there wasn't a cloud in sight. And yes, that is a French crepe stand on the right. Well, why not? My friends from Old Hoboken might be horrified, but that was then, and this is now.Nice and calm before the crowds ambush the place, cooks work on sausage, peppers and onions, which will go into sandwiches for the roving throngs.There was a line for zeppolis by 7 P.M., before the real crowds got there. There was a line all night--at least til the end of the feast. They may still be out there!


Hoboken Kid said...

I see you enjoyed the first night at da feast...WISH I WAS THERE. It is a Hoboken custom that after eating a bag of ZEPPOLIS you lick your fingers and wipe your fingers on your pants. That little white spot on your pants shows that you are truly a downtown goil...from Hoboken...and nobody to mess with. And you're not just a tourist.

Anonymous said...

Since your newly elected mayor was at the Feast, I'd like to hear some comments.

Mary Lois said...

Well, I didn't see him. Not surprised that he was busted, but I'm a little surprised that it happened only three weeks into his reign. From what I understand, he was taking a bribe for higher high rises--Hoboken needs them so much--from an FBI man posing as a developer.

Old Hoboken note: It happened at what you know as the 14th St. Diner, now called the Malibu Diner. This is my debut into the dark side of New Jersey politics. What fresh horror?