Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Long Way from Hoboken

The eastern shore of Mobile Bay is a long way from the western banks of the Hudson. The weather is in the 70's some days at this time of the year, and the view is the opposite of urban.

I'm here promoting The Fair Hope of Heaven, and today Fairhope does seem a little heavenly. I'll join a party of friends for brunch at 10:30 and take a walk on the beach in the afternoon. Yesterday I signed books at the local bookstore. In all I've sold about 40 books so far, and a few reviews are slated to appear on if they're not already there. I've given book talks at both the Fairhope Museum of History and the Marietta Johnson Museum, and am enjoying that feeling of being welcomed home. If that doesn't warm me up, nothing can.

Which means I'm readying for re-entry into Hoboken Tuesday night, preparing to layer for the cold, don boots for the puddles amid the snow, and steel myself for a bitter six-block walk to the gym rather than a brisk morning jog in the neighborhood. But there's time for that. Let me enjoy my break. I'll get back to my city adventures in the North next week.


Steve said...

This post brought a smile to my face.

Mary Lois said...

That's because you know what I mean. Or maybe it's that Scotch that brought a smile to your face.

Ron said...

Mary Lois -

2009 is starting out to be a pretty good year.

It was wonderful to get your phone call the other day. Savan and Judi and I had a three-hour breakfast on Sunday which will take the rest of the year to sort out.

But you certainly got my attention.
We covered the waterfront, from Fairhope to Hobart, Tasmania to Tahiti and back to New Jersey.

Too much for just another blog, but you will hear more from me.



Anonymous said...

Get ready for some snow & Ice on Wendsday! It's been cold up here!

Anonymous said...

The photo takes me back to the Villa Whimsey, years ago now, and those times...