Monday, July 28, 2008

Union Club Gets a Touch-Up

July 28, 2008

It's a grand old building, just a few doors away from my front door. Once known as the Deutscher Club von Hoboken, it became the Union Club as World War II loomed, and became condominiums as such clubs in Hoboken began to give up the ghost soon after the turn of the 21st Century. I like the old postcard picture my friend Slezak sent me.
Last week as I came home I noted men at work trimming the old building out with a bit of copper. Looks pretty smart, and of course, will take on that patina of verdigris as it oxidizes over time. As you can see, the old lady has grown in height since the year the first picture was taken. Wonder what those upper-floor condos look like.


Alex said...

I actually remember the construction of the current building during the summer of 1989. I was taking a physics course at Stevens in a room with a view of the building.

Mary Lois said...

Next time you pass, notice the copper trim and let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Union Club was where the upper crust of Hoboken held their shing dings. Some Unions held their meetings there. The place was a very pleasant place to go to.

Alex said...

Mary Lois, I walked by the building yesterday and saw the copper trim. I wasn't too impressed. The workmanship looked a bit shoddy. Perhaps once it oxidizes and changes color it will look more appealing.

Anonymous said...

This post on the Union Club brings up a lot of memories. My Mom and Dad had their retirement dinners there. Teachers often used it for events. Hoboken High and Demarest had the sports award dinners there as well. When I was getting married we started my bachelor party there, then went to Maxwells and the Elysian. Both are still there but a little more gentrified. There were pool tables at both places, and the Maxwell was really a place where the workers at Maxwell House and the can company came for a few beers.

I just visited the Elysian and it looks pretty close to how it used to look. Drinks much more expensive, and behind the bar there used to be a picture of John J. Grogan who had been Mayor.

Every meal at the Union Club seemed to start with a choice of a small salad or a small bowl of macaroni.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, the Madison was a working class bar for the longshoremen & Maxwell House workers, it then became a flop house in the late 60s.
Eventually, a firefighter from first and Madison bought it with the intention of knocking it down and putting up a gas station.
He told me the bar was painted black, but when he ran his hand, he felt a small plaque.
He cleaned it & realized he had more than a gas station here.
Next was the entire bar, ceiling, etc.
The ceiling is reverse painted.
He ultimately sold it to I don't know who.
I found all of this when my friend returned from a skiing trip to Vermont. Of course, she met someone from Hoboken. That was the firefighter, she encouraged me to go in because I am First & Madison as well. And that's all I remember about the incident.

Vigdis said...

I remember going to a retirement party there. I worked for Westvaco when there was a plant there at 9th and Madison. There were some nice old days there.