Monday, May 5, 2008

A Real Nice Street Fair

May 5, 2008

Hoboken's Arts Fair yesterday, compared to Fairhope's yearly 3-day Arts and Crafts Festival, was simpler, smaller, and yet more manageable and easier to take -- for me, anyway. It took up about eight blocks of Washington Street and featured booths from the restaurants on the street, including Indian food from the Karma Kafé, lots of Greek and Italian, the traditional funnel cakes, but also Fried Oreos, handmade crafts and jewelry, info booths from theatre groups, the historical museum, and other local interest clubs. Best of all there was music. Hoboken is big on music. There were bands everywhere and Monkee Mickey Dolan was around somewhere. And happily it came to an end by 6 P.M.

I had trouble thinking about the fair because my mind was on an Open House at this building, which is just one block from where I live, and on the same street. The realtor was late getting there so I killed a little time at the street fair before checking out the building. It turns out that, as it looks from the front, this is an old Hoboken treasure, built in the 1880's, now owned by an architect who is upgrading the apartments as they come up for rent. Its halls and interiors of the apartments are full of dark wood paneling, the ceilings are high, and the rooms are big. Luckily there was nothing available in the configuration I would want so I didn't have to make a major decision about moving and freeing up money somewhere.

My house in Fairhope hasn't sold yet. From what I can tell it may take a year or two. But I'm tolerating life in a shabby third-floor walkup, and yearning to get somewhere I can be more comfortable. I have found two buildings -- including the one yesterday -- to keep in mind for when the day comes to move. The two buildings couldn't be more different. One is historic and stately, being revived from a period of neglect; the other is a renovated warehouse with contemporary touches and Manhattan views. Then there is also that reclaimed school building I blogged about a few months ago. These three venues are a cross-section of Hoboken life, and any one of them would suit me fine.

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