Friday, February 29, 2008

To-Do List Today

February 29, 2008

Retired. The day is just beginning. Very slim to-do's on the calendar.

Got up, had breakfast, showered and shampooed, got dressed. Pretty good. Listened to Matt Taibbi on Imus and watched Peggy Noonan on Morning Joe. Had my fucking oatmeal.

It's 20° at the moment. Will not go out the door until 1 P.M. when it may be warmer. Was never in my life so obsessed with the temperature as I am at this point living in Hoboken. May be the first time I had the option of just staying home.

Must go to the bank. Hope my checks come in, but either way it looks like I have to go to the bank to discover my balance. Bank is tardy in getting out monthly statements. I may have the most inefficient bank in New Jersey, but they're nice when you go in and talk with them face to face.

I'll go to the bank after the gym. Can't remember if I did the aerobics or the strength training last. That's what you get for skipping a day, and for deciding to give up gingko biloba. Oh, well, this place is open seven days a week so I can always make up time.

The New York Times online reviews new movies. I think I'll pass on The Other Boleyn Girl and Chicago 10, but it's time to see some movies. There is no cinema palace in Hoboken, you see, not even a shack, so checking out a movie means a special trip to the city. But I'm only 15 minutes by train or bus to the city, so I gotta do it. I seem to have left my DVD player in Alabama and haven't bought a new one yet. Do I have to get Blu Ray? How much is it? And what is it? I am seriously movie-deprived. Last night I was enjoying a flick called Coach Carter on tv, with Samuel L. Jackson, and when it was ten o'clock and not over I checked and found out it would be on until 11. I knew I couldn't make it. Jackson and Coach Carter were interesting, but not worth losing sleep over. I've seen everything that Turner Classic Movies has to offer and Oxygen keeps showing re-runs of Kate Hudson flicks. I've got to get to a first run movie soon. Probably not today. Too cold.

Then it will be 3 P.M. and time to wrap up the day with a dose of Dr. Phil followed by Oprah followed by Chris Matthews.

Smokin' cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kangaroo -- now don't tell me I've nothin' to do.

At least I don't smoke.


Steve said...

Oh my goodness. You're sounding a bit bleak in this early morning post.

Mary Lois said...

I guess my attempt at humor fell flat. Anybody else react like Steve?

Steve said...

Well, the style and mood was just a bit uncharacteristic for you.

If an attempt at humor fell flat with me, don't feel bad. I will generally comprehend, say, the subtlety of a tornado approaching a trailer park, but I'm often oblivious otherwise.

Mary Lois said...

It was intended to be witty with a sardonic edge.

Be that as it may, I am far from bleak. What does sardonic mean, anyway?

Nan said...

I loved this post, and burst out laughing when I read the song at the end. :<)

I knew the post was humor. I think we may share that kind of sense of humor.