Saturday, December 8, 2007

Finding Less Stress

December 8, 2007

Hoboken is a busy place; full of young people scurrying, talking on cell phones, pushing strollers, smooching in public, laughing, drinking, for all the world looking as if they're excited about the next thing that will happen. And then there's me.

Things began to lighten up yesterday when my PIN number arrived in the mail. Now I had a little change in my pockets, a little time on my hands, a little less stress about how long things were going to be this way. I knew I couldn't hold out with only one pair of jeans, so I took myself over to that gorgeous mall to shop for a few things. Came back by Light Rail train with heavy bags but a light heart -- new clothes and a new set of sheets for the bed that will arrive Monday. I even bought Martha Stewart's featherbed to make my sleeping arrangements more luxurious and comfy.

The replacement for my deflating-inflatable bed was waiting for me in the vestibule. Delighted to get it, I was nonetheless apprehensive about hauling the big, unwieldy box up the winding brownstone staircase alone.

I won't describe what that experience was like except for the panic as I pushed the large carton up the stairs one by one, always mentally admonishing myself, "Don't let it fall on the toe," as well as "Don't let it slide backwards, on top of you." It was an ordeal but I did it all by myself. I was empowered. Besides, I got the first full night's sleep since the hotel in Jersey City.

Then off to check emails and get a glass of wine at Mikie's Squared. Dr. Oz (Oprah's doctor) says to have a glass of red wine every couple of days. Besides, the bartender at Mikie's is a blogger and I wanted to meet him. Unfortunately I didn't catch him yesterday.

But I had a bought quiche I could actually heat up in my oven -- delicious -- and a magazine or two to skim before bed. Then, wonder of wonders, this new bed didn't deflate, and I slept all night.

This morning I've got a wash in the place called "Wash on Wash," a name I'll explain later. Monday is getting closer all the time.

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