Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Going Forward

March 5, 2008

Lots of activities on the Hoboken horizon, and none of them has anything to do with that political dust-up that happened yesterday, so I'm going to look forward and hope things go my way eventually in the Democratic world. There's been enough second-guessing, and most people ignore that three weeks ago Clinton was ahead by double digits in the two big ones, meaning the Obama did a good job of closing the gap even though he had been pretty well Swift-boated by her groundless charges. The Clinton people drew blood, and that's not likely to stop. Everybody knows going negative works. The question is whether Obama can keep his cool and land a few blows of his own.

In case he has actually forgotten or is not simply above bringing it up, there are a number of skeletons in the Clinton White House closets that might get Hillary's dander up (and she can scream, "No fair! I'm a girl!"). I don't mean the bimbos either. Does the country need reminding of Travelgate, Vince Foster, and the inability to get a health care plan approved? When she talks about 35 years of foreign policy experience, exactly what is she referring to? She says she never approved of NAFTA, and that was the jewel in the crown Bill Clinton's Presidency, even though it was a carryover from Bush the First. Does anybody remember the gridlock with the Republican majority in the Senate and the House? That is the kind of thing Obama can overcome, and Hillary Clinton cannot. Did she prove herself a world leader by making a speech at the World Conference of Women in China? (And she was so critical of Obama for "just" making speeches!)

I wasn't going to get into this. I'm looking forward, and I do believe this political stuff will work out. Obama has to show his ability to throw a punch as well as respond to hers. He has to outclass her by knowing when to stop. We've all seen what a quick study he is; now that he's in the home stretch maybe he'll pick up the pace.

In the meantime, it's spring, almost, in Hoboken, showers and temps in the 50's. I've caught a cold and I have a big date tonight. I'm going to be meeting new people, and going somewhere I've never been. I'm going forward. Can't do anything about yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hey! have commented here before. Great to have you in town, but have you been paying attention to the Hoboken elections... You could write a book just about it! Again welcome to town A concerned B&R BTW it means Born and Raised

Nan - said...

Great, great posting.

Hope you had fun last night.

Night Stranger said...

Hoboken politics are a little beyond me at this point. I read with awe the local political blogs and Hoboken Now.

As for having fun last night, Nan, thanks anyway, but I had to skip the party because my cold overtook me and I took to bed with chills and fever for about 12 hours. I'm okay today -- onward and upward -- and who knows where I'll go next!