Monday, July 20, 2009

Gates of Glory

Usually a gate is just a door in a fence. In Hoboken, a gate means the whole front yard, small as it is, and, even though the garbage cans are always nearby, a lot of effort is expended in making "the gate" pretty and welcoming.Some gates are simple, with a few boxes of coleus or other colorful, leafy, low maintenance plants. The house speaks for itself, but the gate is like a cheery smile. Sometimes we find a handsome cover for the garbage cans.But usually we don't. What will I do with my gate? Come back to the blog in a few months and I'll show you.


Hoboken Kid said...

These pics musta been taken uptown ...the first pic looks like my old house, 718 Garden Street. I lived on the ground floor when I got married looked just like that.

ML you now have a gate ain't dat great...LIONS YA NEED LIONS

Mary Lois said...

A little farther uptown, the 1100 block of Park. I think the boxed garbage cans is on Garden just below 14th.

Nothing like downtown, though. I don't have the place yet, you know. Closing is supposed to be about August 31.

Carolyn said...

The gate is just the wrought iron fencing, not the whole shebang.

Mary Lois said...

The gate is the fence? Well, of course. I shudda known that.

Slezak said...

Carolyn, what do you know about a had none downtown...da dogs peeded on your windows. And flies, you thought they were birds! Poor carolyn.

Carolyn said...

Slezak: You've never stepped your uptown arse to first & Madison.
I lived on the 3rd. floor over a grocery store......some REALLY big dog to pee that far!

Hoboken Kid said...

(DA GATE and lions on your stoop) The teen queen of downtown, MISS C, I see has lost her marbles once again it seems...maybe this idea will calm her down.

HOW ABOUT a birdbath for da pigeons...decorated with plastic flowers...ML would be the first to have one on her block. ALSO. newly painted garbarge cans, her choice of colors, with fake flowers glued to da tops. Gotta keep dem flies away.

But I'm sure lions will be her choice. After all, that's what SINATRAS dad had on his stoop.

I'm sure you will get over your fit.