Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something New Has Been Added


Carol said...

Mary Lois, I love the video addition to your blog. I sat here laughing out loud enjoying your comments. Think you've found the perfect forum. Carol

Peg said...

Thank you for welcoming me to your home. I read your blog daily, but have commented seldom, if not at all. I forget which blogs I comment on, but that is part of being 68 perhaps.
My measure of how I am doing is if I can still swim a mile in under 39 minutes. Did it in 38 today, so I am thinking that being 70 is going to be great! I really do not want to think about the alternative. Being a 12 year breast cancer survivor has made me grab life and enjoy the ride!
Good day from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada!

Nan said...

Absolutely, positively, utterly delightful!!! But where is the southern accent? :<) Oh, I did love this. What a cool, cool idea. And guess what cookie batter I just made up - your snickerdoodles.
And a hi to my friend Peg! Wow, I am so impressed with your swimming. Let's see for exercise today I've walked from the kitchen to the computer and back. :<)

Mary Lois said...

All of you are welcome to come back any time! I love that I've got a long distance swimmer and brave survivor reading this blog.

And if anybody's interested in that recipe Nan is talking about, I just posted it on my food blog. Click on the blue letters and you're there! (Thanks for the plug, Nan! Now, read my book! You can eat cookies at the same time)

Pat said...

I knew what you looked and sounded like, but am excited to see a Hoboken apartment!

I'll check back for more of the tour!

Frank Andhonest said...

The camera blew away the mysticism.

Think about Paul Harvey, the departed radio newscaster with the golden voice who put excitement into the news. When he went on TV, he lost his mysticism. The fact and voice were incongruent.

The same with you; the face and the pen are incongruent.

Ted said...

Loved the video. Went hunting for the Freddie Roselli or whatever blog so I could ask about Frank Sinatra hangout videos but couldn't find it. How about a video of that German restaurant? get out in that cold weather and get to work! 'FrankandHonest' likes to live in his world of imagination and I am sure many others do, too. Visual images detract from that. Maybe you should post a warning: Graphic Material, Viewing May Inhibit Fantasy and Escapism. Radio is, for now, mostly an in-the-car thing. Print is becoming less and less a medium to get information. Keep feeding us videos!

carole said...

That was so nice! I often visit your blog, but this makes it so personal. I'm in England and, stupidly, I forget the American accent, I read your blog to myself with an English accent, now I know better.

steve said...


Mary Lois said...

Never thought of reading my blog posts with an English accent! I could do that...maybe I'll do an English accent walking through Hoboken someday.

Nice to hear from you, Carole. I get lots of UK hits but always thought they were random. Thanks for the comment.

Hoboken Kid said...

Enjoyed your video...the first of many, I do hope.

IT'S LIKE THE GRAND OPENING OF A MOVIE CALLED THE ADVENTURES OF MARY LOIS...starring MARY LOIS, in person...background music by Jimmy Roselli...filmed in Hoboken, New Jersey, just 12 blocks from the old once used-to-be FABIAN THEATER, and a short walk to FRANK the voice SINATRA'S BIRTHPLACE...STARRING MARY LOIS (BREAK A LEG MARY LOIS). Stay tuned, BLOG readers...maybe she will even play a Sinatra tune called "I got a floor in my flu" for ya.

Carol said...

There is plenty one could say to Frank Andhonest but I choose to say "ignore him"

steve said...

Frankly and furthermore, Mr. Frank-And-Honest, I'm reminded of Rhett's final words to Scarlett.

Mary Lois said...

But, Steve, now that you've seen my reality, don't you feel deprived of my mystery?

steve said...

Well, I've seen your picture and although I've never heard you speak, you always been pretty clear about who you are.

So, not really. No disappointment or revelation either.


Hoboken Kid said...

A comment to Frank must have been a real big hit with the girls in your day. CHARMING YOU'RE NOT...being frank and honest, I'm sure you're not from Hoboken. I'm sure of it. Street smart you're not.

Mary Lois, don't let this guy ruffle your feathers. HE'S A BIRD DOG. Can't wait to see your next video.

Frank Andhonest said...

My, my, did my remark about the camera blowing away the mysticism of the blog hostess stir up the blog pot.

'Tis good; a blog needs to hit readers' emotional hot button once in awhile. Emotional reactions boosts readership, and there are no two greater emotions than love and hate, and it seems I hit some hate buttons, which I didn’t intend to do. But now that I have, let me add this: Someone new to hate is also good for these people--Ebenezer Scrooge and Simon Legree are almost forgotten, and since Osama bin Laden can't be found, he too will soon be forgotten--for it gives emotional balance in their lives for the abundant love they have.

The loyal followers to this blog have their own way to see the world, as would expected, and some have limited I opine. The world has many facets, but nothing says we are obliged to look at them all. That's why free will is so wonderful: we get to choose what goes into our individual stews. Some advocate that the meaning of life is to smile, be happy, surround yourself with friends and fluffy things; that's all that counts. These are good things no doubt, but there is more, and the facet of mysticism is one of them. That was my point, nothing more.

That Mary Lois is a delightful person and a skilled word master is something that we have no doubt about, right? All the rest is debatable, like what makes a good stew recipe for living.

steelhead said...

And let me opine:

I think, as I told ML privately, that this video log is wonderfully courageous. The idea of letting everyone view me in my all-n-all is a concept too startling for me to hold on to; given that the internet has given us a new way to broadcast our views anonymously, why would one choose to come out from behind the curtains?
Enter ML. Raison d'etre exemplified. To paraphrase Popeye, She is who she is... That she has the cajones to emerge more complete through her chosen vehicle of expression (blogging) makes me proud to know her. For every mystery she's divulged in this emerging, she's created two more worthy ones in their stead.

e.g., Just who is this gal that stands in front of us unafraid?

sinjap said...

what mysticism? ml's pic is right on the front page of the blog...did ya think she was some 15 year old asian guy or something? (no offense to 15 year old asian guys...just trying to think of the polar opposite)...personally i prefer anonymity, as much as that is possible these days, and being the luddite that i am, would not even know how to set up one of those video/web cam thingies...but you go girl! :-)

jacques mullet said...

Wow, blog cam, a way to see ML in action. It is a super idea that serves several notions. I wish I
could be there to do some blocking .....hah!....Of course you
look great to me.
If I might, locate the camera with
its back to the sun thus using the natural window light to demon out shadows and overly dramatic one sided illumination. You can save that for blog-tube story series that could arise from your blog-cam adventure. Another idea is to set up a mirror for rehearsal.
It is a daring move there ML. I also
encourage you to keep broadcast safe by not revealing your locale,
thwarting unwanted visits bad guys. My goodness, ML is on the sliver screen again..

BTW, Our Leslie Johnson received best actress at 60th Annual SETC in B'ham for Carrie Watts. Little ole TH98 stood well against the multimillion dollar , 500 performance competitors like Venice, FL. There were only two awards other than best of show,
Best actor and best actress.

And finally, a joke , be sure to put your 900 number on the next blog-cam.

rupert said...

Your video was natural, and friendly. Not bad for the first time through. However if you had a director, several costumers, eight blockers, a producer, several editors, and a budget of $65,000 I am sure it might have been a tad bit better. Also hire a composer, and a band.

You might include doing some dancing. What about rapping. Now that is a good idea of mine, if I do say so.