Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Blogs and Old

November 24, 2007

Starting a new blog I feel I should identify myself. I see that some of you are coming to this blog as a result of the shameless plugging and linking I've done at other Hoboken blogs. I'm sure there are a number of curiosity seekers who find Finding Myself just by Googling Frank Sinatra or Hoboken or ice cream sodas.

You must be bemused and/or perplexed. Occasional good turn of phrased or offbeat topic, eh wot? Who am I and what have I written? Should you bookmark this blog and give it a try in the future? You'll find infinite variety in my first blog -- which is still out there -- begun by ruminations about Fairhope, Alabama, the town where I was raised and am in the process of packing to leave. I love Fairhope but need variety in my life. I am ready for Hoboken. I'll be there in a week.

As to some of the interesting topics I've explored on my old blog, here's an index for starters:

Campbell Scott’s sex appeal

Garcia Lorca and the concept of duende

Andy Warhol and Fame as Art (and art as fame)

Irony and Americans

Bobby Darin

Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt

The Alpha Male

Questions about God and the Soul

Click on any or all of the above for a little window into some of the topics I might well explore here. If you like Finding Fair Hope, I'm sure you're gonna like Finding Myself in Hoboken too.


Lewis Carroll said...

elcome to Hoboken....I've never been

Night Stranger said...

anks for your confused words...ou must join me some time for a little libation when you're in the neighborhood.

Lewis Carroll said...

anks I will, if I'm naver where you aren't.

(Hmmmm. If a person wrote "here is no place like home," would it be a typo, or merely a comment on her whereabouts, or maybe her home?